Our local bee keeper - Jim Stewart

Meet Jim our honey man 🤭 Jim Stewart is a local beekeeper of 18 years to the Northern Rivers. He is always providing a wide range of amazing blends to our stalls for years now which he also sources from Sunshine Coast QLD, all the way down to Tenterfield NSW.
Our top seller right now: STOKERS SIDING BUSH HONEY
This is produced on our farm at Stokers Siding where a range of different flowers and nectar are flowing. It’s one of our mild flavour honey. It has a taste range from the iron bark and a floral scent.
The farm at Stokers Siding is a third generation family farm.
Where small crops, animals and Raw honey are apart of daily life. Jims Busy Bee Our hives are stationary hives, our honey is 100% raw! and our honey is not heat treated or processed in anyway!!!